Where did the EP* settings go?

Magnus Rahl
Member since: 2008

In 4.62 there were many settings in web.config prefixed with either EPn EPs or EPf, like registration email settings, smtp server settings etc. Are there any corresponding standard settings in CMS 5 or is this left to the developer?

Feb 17, 2009 10:05
Tore Gjerdrum
Member since: 2006

Hi Magnus.

have you tried the EPiServer.Configuration namespace?

Br, Tore

Feb 17, 2009 10:12
Member since: 2007
Some of the settings are now standard asp.net settings and those that are episerver specific can now be found in the siteSettings element.
Feb 17, 2009 13:29
Magnus Rahl
Member since: 2008

I suspected many of the settings hade become asp.net standard when I couln't find corresponding values in Configuration.Settings.

Perhaps I should be more specific. What I'm looking for is the possibility to configure the SmtpClient to use something other than localhost. I can do this at run time, possibly utilizing an appSettings value. But is there a more standard way (one used internally in aspnet or episerver), like EPsSmtpServer etc. used to be?

Further, are the EPfEnableFreeRegistring, EPsRegistry* and EPsActivation* replaced by values related to membership providers now, or are they just obsolete?

Feb 17, 2009 15:37
Member since: 2007

Den här kan du leta efter för smtp... Men det skiljer sig dessutom lite mellan iis6 och 7 med så det får man kolla upp beroende på site.. detta är från en iis7.

<!-- SMTP Settings for ASP.NET 2.0 Mail classes. -->
            <!--<smtp deliveryMethod="PickupDirectoryFromIis" />-->
            <!-- Common usage is to use other network existing mail server other than
                 IIS Virtual SMTP Server.
                 In such cases use the commented settings below with your server
                 location and authentication credentials.
            <smtp from="yourmailadress" deliveryMethod="Network">
                <network host="yourhost" port="25" defaultCredentials="false" />



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Magnus Rahl
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Feb 18, 2009 7:51
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