Search for Users who have access to a specific page



 Given a page reference, what would be the best way to search for users who have access to that page?

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Feb 12, 2009 16:40
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Something like this might work, havent tested it thoroughly though:


AccessLevel requestedLevel = AccessLevel.Publish; 

PageData pd = DataFactory.Instance.GetPage(PageReference.StartPage);

HashSet<string> users = new HashSet<string>();


foreach( string key in pd.ACL.Keys )


AccessControlEntry ace = pd.ACL[key];

if(0 == (ace.Access & requestedLevel))





foreach(string user in Roles.GetUsersInRole(ace.Name))



else users.Add(ace.Name);


Feb 12, 2009 17:28

It would, except I'm reusing the Workrooms demo template which assigns access right for a user directly on the page (ie it's not based on a role)

Many thanks


Feb 12, 2009 18:10
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