How to upgrade from R1 SP3 to R2 (SP1) on Vista and IIS7

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I want to upgrade a site from R1 SP3 to R2 SP1; first to R2, then to R2 SP1.

The new EPiServer Deployment Center allows us to upgrade from R1 SP1/2/3 to R2.

But, when trying to upgrade it states that it does not support upgrade on installations running on IIS7.

I noticed that the old EPiServer CMS Manager allows me to upgrade to R2 Tech Preview.. Would it be a workaround to first upgrade to Tech Preivew and the use the new Deployment Center to upgrade to the real R2 release.

Any ideas for a solution?


#27967 Feb 16, 2009 10:54
  • anders.murel
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    Nevermind.. I did the upgrade manually. Still think that it should be possible to use Deployment Center for this on Vista and IIS7
    #28010 Feb 17, 2009 13:16