Detect when a user is deleted



 I've created a SidSettingsArea plugin for the user administration section and have implemented the IUserSettings interface which defines the methods LoadSettings and SaveSettings but I would like to know how I can detect when a user is deleted?

 When a user is created, a page is added to the system, which I would like to auto delete if they are deleted. Does anybody know how this could be done?

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#27949 Feb 13, 2009 18:22
  • fredrik.haglund
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    It depends on what Membership and RoleManager Provider you are using.

    If you want an event to be triggered when DeleteUser is called on SqlMembershipProvider you have to create a sub class and override the method.

    If you are using EPiServer Community there are hooks available.

    #27962 Feb 15, 2009 14:53

    Extending the SqlMembershipProvider worked a treat.

    Many thanks

    #28381 Mar 05, 2009 16:03