Xform data post bugs when setting up form as denymultipleposts and requirelogin

Muhammad Kashif
Member since: 2005

I'm experiencing a problem while submitting the xform in CMS 5 , R2 . If I setup the form as

1 .User requires login 

2.  Form cannot be posted multiple times .

Whenever I try post the form it rasied error 'You must be logged in to answer' . Whereas I'm already logged in and it does not post any data .

If I turn off the validation , it doesn't raise any error message but also does not save form data .

I believe the second time it should raise the error message 'You have already filled in this form'

I  strip off my custom code and using the 100% episerver default code  - but still getting the error


#26454 Dec 05, 2008 15:38
  • pappabj0rn
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    I have a couple of support cases regarding xforms I need to test first thing monday morning. I'll test your issue as well, and will see if I can reproduce it.

    If anyone else have any input during the weekend, you're free to help Wink.

    #26459 Dec 05, 2008 19:12
    Hello, I am getting the same error when trying to submit a form - I realise this was posted some time ago; but is there a known reason / fix for this? Thanks.
    #41638 Jul 19, 2010 10:44