Default Property Values in code?

Corbin Camp
Member since: 2012

I have a property set up like so:

      Name = "Show Foo",
      Description = "Show or hide page Foo",
      GroupName = SystemTabNames.Settings,
      Order = 2
public virtual bool ShowFoo{ get; set; }

How do I set the default value to true? I know I can do this in Admin Mode, but I'm hoping I can do it in code. There's a box on the Page Type Property Editor regarding default values. There has to be something that sets that right?

#66201 Feb 22, 2013 20:20
  • Nikolay Moskalev
    Member since: 2010

     Hi Corbin, try to do like this

     public override void SetDefaultValues(ContentType contentType)
                //Set up your defaults here 
              this.ShowFoo = true;

    I hope it helps you.
    #66202 Edited, Feb 22, 2013 20:58
  • Corbin Camp
    Member since: 2012

    That did it. Thanks.

    #66203 Feb 22, 2013 22:45