Tiny MCE Code Button in EpiServer 7

Kiran Hegde
Member since: 2009

I have upgraded one of our website from CMS 6 R2 to CMS 7. After the upgrade, the tiny mce editor within cms does not show the code button, which is used to edit the content in HTML mode. I checked in the Adming mode=>Config => Plug in manager => EpiServer => Overview. There the code button is enabled. I am not sure why this is not displayed. We need this button for the content editors to insert iframe into the content. What could be the problem?

#65182 Jan 22, 2013 17:14
  • Linus Ekström
    Member since: 2002

    I think that the default settings might have changed in EPiServer 7. It's easy to alter the settings, either for a specific page type property or for the entire system. To change the system defaults for the site:

    1. Go to Admin->Config->Edit Custom Property Types.
    2. Select XhtmlString.
    3. Select "Add settings".
    4. Drag and drop the tools you want to the toolbar.
    5. When you're done: Click save to save and close the dialog.
    6. Last of all: Click on "Set as default" to set this as the default settings for the site.


    #65190 Jan 22, 2013 20:41
  • Kiran Hegde
    Member since: 2009

    Thanks Linus, That worked

    #65203 Jan 23, 2013 9:48