Import Data function compatibility

Johan Kronberg
Member since: 2005

Are other CMS versions supported by the 7 Import Data function?

I got an error message trying with a *.epi4 file.

#64767 Jan 09, 2013 14:30

    Might be mistaken but I don't think importing/exporting between versions is supported. Sure a CMS 6 R2 will probably take a CMS 6 R1 import file, but not between major versions.

    #64768 Jan 09, 2013 15:01
  • Johan Kronberg
    Member since: 2005

    That one states that 4.62 files works for CMS 5 SP1. I heard that someone had successfully used a 4.62 file for CMS 6 R2 as well.

    But maybe 7 is too altered for any older export package to work...

    #64771 Jan 09, 2013 16:01
  • Arild Henrichsen
    Member since: 2008

    I successfully imported a 4.61 package into CMS 6 R2 today. 

    #64779 Jan 09, 2013 18:01
  • Johan Björnfot
    Member since: 2004

    CMS7 does not support *.epif4 files, that was handled in EPiServer.Legacy4 assembly which is not compatible with CMS 7.

    However .episerverdata packages from for example CMS6R2 should work fine to import to CMS7. So a workaround for you if you need to get data from a 4 site to 7 is to have cms6 as an intermediate site/state.

    #64849 Jan 11, 2013 14:25
  • Johan Kronberg
    Member since: 2005

    OK, thanks for the info!

    #64990 Jan 17, 2013 10:28
  • Jens Vattman
    Member since: 2010

    Is there somewhere where I can read about how to import a 4.61 package into CMS 6 R2? Or can you perhaps explain in more detail of how to do it?

    #76006 Oct 15, 2013 13:28
  • Arild Henrichsen
    Member since: 2008


    Use Import/Export to migrate to a newer version if you're mainly interested in migrating the content. Be aware that this method won't migrate your VPP/file archive (only files that are referenced in content - and sometimes they aren't even migrated correctly).
    Export packages from 4.61 can be imported into both CMS 5 and CMS 6 (but not CMS 7, as mentioned above).

    TIP: If you want to look inside an .epi4 file to see or modify contents, use this tool. 


    Importing 4.61 data to CMS 6 R2 requires you to have the same pagetypes, tabs and categories on the target site as the source site.

    In 4.61, go to Admin > Export data and select the following:

    • Pages (select start node to export from, check "Export files" and "Export globalized pages")
    • Page types (select all the page types your content uses, skip SysRoot and SysRecycleBin)
    • Dynamic Property Definitions (if you have any)
    • Tabs (check all)
    • Categories (if you have any. I don't think your import will fail if you skip this though)
    • Files (I would skip this - you can only select files one by one, you should find another way to migrate your file archive)

    If you choose to export everything at once, you should end up with a .epi4 file.
    But actually, I would make a separate export of each of the bullet points above (pages.epi4, pagetypes.epi4, etc), so you have better control over what's imported later. Then import them in CMS 6 R2 in the following order: Categories, Tabs, Dynamic Properties, PageTypes, Pages.


    In CMS 6 R2, go to Admin > Import data and point to your .epi4 files ("Select page destination" is only applicable when you're importing Pages).

    TIP: Use the "Upload and verify" button first to see if the importer finds any problems.

    #76009 Edited, Oct 15, 2013 14:08
  • Jens Vattman
    Member since: 2010

    Very useful, thanks! So I don't need to install anything other than the CMS 6? Someone mentioned a legacy dll?

    Is it only 4.61 and upwards that works to export and import? No other versions of EPiServer 4 supported? I'm currently working with 4.51

    #76014 Oct 15, 2013 14:35
  • Arild Henrichsen
    Member since: 2008

    @JS: The EPiServer.Legacy4.dll file that Johan mentions above is shipped with CMS 5 and 6 (in your bin folder) to give support for some legacy functions from EPi 4. You don't have to add anything.

    I am not sure if the export package from 4.51 will work (only tried 4.61) - you'll just have to test yourself.

    Also please note that you can't export forms (XForms) using the built-in export/import tool.

    #76016 Edited, Oct 15, 2013 15:04