How can I store an EPI form checkbox field value in EPI DDS?

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I have a checkbox in a vacancy EPI Form, with which the job applicant can indicate if they agree to have their submitted form data stored for max 1 year. The submitted for data is stored in the EPI DDS. In order  to also store the value of the checkbox, I have added a bool property to my c# model with the same name as the EPI form field in the GUI. However, if the checkbox was toggle, the property value never becomes true, and is not stored in the DDS.

Does anyone know how to define the property such that its "true" value will be stored in the DDS?  

#194611 Jun 26, 2018 15:08

    Can you show the code of model ?

    #194633 Jun 27, 2018 6:27
  • jwjanse
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    In the end I found out the project contains a specific formhandler for the form I am submitting, so I can do the processing/conversion in there using the FormsSubmittedEventArgs submitArgs raw form data.

    #195037 Jul 11, 2018 16:16