API to get both Taxonomy Item Quicklink AND DisplayOrder


Hello.  I am attempting to build a menu using the Ektron taxonomy API and I have been unsuccessful in finding an efficient way of pulling back the Taxonomy Items assigned to a specific category that includes both the correct sort order (as set by the content editor) AND the QuickLink. Is this possible using one method?

When I use TaxonomyItemManager using code similar to below, I can pull back the correct sort order but several of the fields come back unpopulated, including QuickLink.  Why is Quicklink not included?  I'm assuming this is a bug? 

TaxonomyItemCriteria criteria = new TaxonomyItemCriteria(TaxonomyItemProperty.DateCreated, EkEnumeration.OrderByDirection.Descending);

criteria.AddFilter(TaxonomyItemProperty.TaxonomyId, CriteriaFilterOperator.EqualTo, tData.Id);
criteria.OrderByField = TaxonomyItemProperty.TaxonomyItemDisplayOrder;

TaxonomyItemManager taxonomyItemManager = new TaxonomyItemManager();
var taxonomyItemList = taxonomyItemManager.GetList(criteria);

When I use ContentManager and ContentTaxonomyCriteria like this:  

ContentManager contentManager = new Ektron.Cms.Framework.Content.ContentManager();
ContentTaxonomyCriteria taxCriteria = new ContentTaxonomyCriteria();
taxCriteria.AddFilter(tData.Id, false);
taxCriteria.ReturnMetadata = false;
var content = contentManager.GetList(taxCriteria);

It gives me the Quicklink field I need, but I can't get the taxonomy item sort order.   Is there a way to get both without having to get a list of TaxonomyItems and then using ContentManager to look up the Quicklink?  Please help!  Thanks

Mar 08, 2017 15:55
Try TaxonomyManager

var TaxonomyCRUD = new TaxonomyManager();
        var list = TaxonomyCRUD.GetTree(
            TaxonomyId, // root node id
            2, // depth
            true, // include child items
            null, // paginginfo
            EkEnumeration.TaxonomyType.Content, // node type
            EkEnumeration.TaxonomyItemsSortOrder.taxonomy_item_display_order // display order - don't ask why :)
Apr 06, 2017 0:21
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