Showing Different Content Based on Visitor's Location



We are currently designing a new website where the content for the homepage will be different depending on the website visitor's location. I understand there is a Targeted Content Widget for targeting specific content at specific people based on their location. This is not what we need - we need to be able to change all content blocks/widgets on the homepage such as the banner carousel content and other feature boxes.

I am a bit confused as how to use the details for a user's location from using the Ektron.Cms.UserLocationInfo object from the API, to change each of the widgets on the homepage. I would imagine we would need a folder for each option (one for domestic and one for international) but then informing a page builder template to use the correct widget content is where we draw a blank. Do we use two page builder templates?

Any ideas?


#175697 Feb 27, 2017 17:44
  • Dustin Sier
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    I think the easiest way to handle something like this would be to use a taxonomy and/or metadata mapping on the content widgets in question and then swap them based on that piece.

    For example with taxonomy, you could have a node for "Homepage" and under that you would have "Default", "Region A", "Region B" and simply select the needed content from there to display it. Alternatively with metadata you can set individual content references on the properties for each region(s) as properties on the page and simply pull from there.

    This is probably the easiest/fastest way to handle changing out the code in this fashion. Though I'm sure someone would likely have a more robust idea.

    #175816 Mar 02, 2017 21:02

    Thanks Dustin.

    That sounds like a good starting point. When we add content we could assign a category and then show/hide the widget depending on region/location. We are currently in exploratory mode at the moment and will be looking to develop a solution over the next week, so I'd imagine I will be back on here with questions.

    #175827 Mar 03, 2017 10:23