Converting from a website solution to a Web application project - How to reference PageHost Control


We are developing a couple of new websites and have decided to create Web Application Projects instead of the typical Ektron web site projects. I have followed the instructions found here and all seems to be working fine apart from referencing the page builder page host control. Has anyone achieved this? I cannot find out what Ektron DLL the page host is under so I can register the assembly in the master page. If we were just using a web site project we would reference the workarea folder.

Any ideas?


#175677 Feb 27, 2017 11:54
  • We are more than likely going to stick with a web site project as there are too many complications/workarounds to getting page builder pages working with a web application project. If anyone has a working project, with page builder and inline content editging, and can remember all the steps that would be great to know.

    #175698 Feb 27, 2017 17:46