Friendly url rewriter not encoding url's correctly

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Think I´ve found a bug.

When I dissable the UrlRewriteModule in web.config my url looks like /templates/search.aspx?q=test&filter=kategori%3ajobb%2fpraktik-annons#results, correctly encoded.

But with the UrlRewriteModule enabled the url gets rewritten to /sok/?q=test&filter=kategori:jobb/praktik-annons#results, which is not correct.

How can I solve this problem? I´m planning to use a custom url rewriter to rewrite some common parameters like page, tag, date and so on.

#41619 Jul 16, 2010 13:54
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    Thats not a corret url.  It should contain a id=xxx where xxx is the pageID

    #41628 Jul 17, 2010 23:37
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    That was just an example url. The intresting part is that ":" and "/" doesn't get encoded when the UrlRewriteModule is activated, or should I say doesn't get re-encoded.

    #41636 Jul 18, 2010 19:43