Problems installing EPiTrace

Deane Barker
Member since: 2008

I'm trying to install EPiTrace, and I'm a little confused.

I have read the installation instructions, and there's this line:

"Download the installation zip file from EPiServer World and install it via EPiServer CMS Manager."

I downloaded the zip.  It contains three directorys and a number of files.

EPiServer Deployment Center had nothing in it -- just the two previous CMS versions I have installed.

So, I moved the EPiTrace folder into this folder:

C:\Program Files\EPiServer\CMS

Re-opening the Deployment Center now shows EPiTrace as an installed product, but there's nothing underneath the node.  When you highlight the EPiTrace node, the "Run" button is disabled -- there's nowhere to go.

I did a little poking around on the other nodes in Deployment Center, and each option seems to correspond to a Powershell file (.ps1) inside the folders.

The EPiTrace folder has no Powershell files in it.

How do I use Deployment Center to install EPiTrace?

#28142 Feb 20, 2009 23:28
  • fredrik.haglund
    Member since: 2007


    You have to install it manually. Just copy all files in zip-archive to you web application, create tables and import the package with the page and page type from admin mode.

    The instructions applies to the previous version of the EPiServer CMS Installation Manager for 5R1 and not the new Deployment Center for 5R2 (using PowerShell).


    #28179 Feb 23, 2009 16:50