Upgrade development environment from SP2 to SP3

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Anyone experienced an upgrade from SP2 to SP3 in a development enviroment?
It would be great if there was a possibility to avoid the EPiServer Manager for doing that. I really need a more accurate and controlled upgrade with manual steps.
#23159 Aug 28, 2008 20:43
  • andreas.ek
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    Ok, I have the answer to my own question (thanks Jimmy ;-)

    Take the following folders with files from the Manager Installation Package:

    Copy them into the web project.

    Change your version data in the web.config:
    "5.1.422.256" replaces "5.1.422.267", section EPiServer and assmembly bindings.

    Then change the SiteSetting-parameter "mirroringFileWriteRetryDelay" to "0:0:5".

    Now your are done!

    / Andreas Ek, Internetfabriken

    #23733 Sep 14, 2008 21:42
  • andreas.ek
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    And the database... nothing is changed in the database between SP2 and SP3.
    #23734 Sep 14, 2008 21:43
  • Ganesan Sankaran
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    Hi Andreas Ek ,

    I am facing a problem while upgrading the CMS 5 SP2 to SP3. It's throwing the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error.
    I am having the Package file "5.1.422.256_to_5.1.422.267.pkg" to upgrade in offline. but i'm not able to upgrade it.

    What would be the problem? And How to upgrade it from SP2 to SP3?


    Ganesan S

    #23901 Sep 18, 2008 14:04
  • Erik Nordin Wahlberg
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    #23904 Sep 18, 2008 14:56
  • Ganesan Sankaran
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    I'm having following in my system.

    OS - XP SP2
    IIS v5.1
    Dot Net 2.0 VS 2005
    Epi Server CMS 5 SP2
    SQL Server 2005



    #23907 Sep 18, 2008 16:06
  • Ganesan Sankaran
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    Dear  Andreas Ek,

    Thanks for your reply to your own issue.

    Its working for me also after made the changes suggessted by you.


    Ganesan Sankaran

    #29820 May 18, 2009 12:27