Projects: Allowing more than 20 Revisions


Allow more than 20 revisions to a page in a project, OR create a new feature similar to projects that allows a developer and their marketing/sales team to work together to launch large scale websites or projects. While using the current projects feature, I've maxed a few of my pages out and the only solution is to remove the page from the project - or - make the page "live" to the world when the page and that site isn't ready for launch.

Jan 09, 2018 22:57

Do you have UIMaxVersions set to more than 20?

Edited, Jan 09, 2018 23:52

UIMaxVersions will affect all content types, including other CMS content and Catalog content. Setting UIMaxVersions to more than 20 can have consequences (performance, for example)

In this case I agree that there should be an individual setting for project (not saying we are going to do it :) )

Jan 10, 2018 0:48

Johan Kronberg: That's a great idea, but for my large scale website which has thousands of pages changing this feature could increase website load time and use up valuable server space.

Here is an example of what I'm doing: Website A - The backbone of the site structure is published. Migrating Website B & C into EPiServer and each site is in a project. This gave me the flexibility to have each website launch into the new EPiServer site (Website A) independently and in any order - so maybe website C in Project C is published first. Projects gives me the ability to publish all 200 (or more) pages of Website C all at once, all on the same day with little effort.

Now let's say Website B was added to EPiServer first and we still havne't published the project it lives in. Stakeholders would like to continue to edit and review pages but I've maxed out my 20 revisions on some of the pages associated with website B. The only current solution is to publish the page and make edits as if it's part of website A. That's not something my key stakeholders want, but its currently my only solution.

Jan 10, 2018 14:30

Of course it depends on the solution but you can raise that setting value to more than 20 without much effect on performance. If I recall correctly the defaultvalue way back was "unlimited".

I agree a more fine grained split of this setting is a great feature request!

Jan 11, 2018 8:57
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