TinyMCE version 4

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I can see that the forum has been updated to TinyMCE version 4. Great! Are there any plans on updating the distribution that comes with EPI?

I must admit it is a bit embarrasing demonstrating EPI CMS with the version that comes bundled with EPI 10. It has been looking pretty much the same since the EPI 5 and 6 versions. Not something you would expect from a 2017 product... I've tried to skin the 3 version but the options are somewhat limited...

Thanks in advance!

#176706 Mar 23, 2017 23:08
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    Very good request! I'd like to see this also.

    #177223 Apr 05, 2017 15:56
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    I would like to really see this in the product as well some of the functionality provided in 4 like inline editing could be really useful for clients 



    #179472 Jun 13, 2017 14:11
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    There was a poll on World some time ago. It somewhat showed that Epi are at least thinking about leaving TinyMCE completely.

    #179543 Jun 15, 2017 0:09
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    We have been investigating options for refreshing the editor. It's obviously a very central piece of technology though, with many dependencies through-out the platform and the eco-system, so not a small task :)

    My hope is we can have a more modern editor in place sometime later in 2017.

    #179601 Jun 15, 2017 19:44
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    It is 2018 now, how's it going Martin? =)

    #186989 Jan 09, 2018 22:12
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    The bad news: We decided to postpone the editor update last year, and focus on improving the editing experience around more browser driven rendering 

    The good news: We got some restructuring in place in CMS 11, that moved the editor to a separate package, and we are now actively working on a new package with an updated editor

    #186999 Jan 10, 2018 3:49
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    When do we expect the Updated Editor to be released?

    #188923 Mar 07, 2018 2:03
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    We have a pretty good package now, my guess is we will start putting something out on nuget feed this month or next.

    #189082 Mar 09, 2018 20:55
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    Hi, I posted a bug/issue about the new TinyMCE package to https://world.episerver.com/forum/developer-forum/Problems-and-bugs/Thread-Container/2018/3/tinymce-version-4-episerver.cms.tinymce-2.0.0/ It doesn't seem to behave as described in the documentation page.

    #189461 Mar 20, 2018 5:37