Improvement to the Link status report


The Link status report in the report center shows the page name where the broken link is published, but it does not show the link name. Example: You have published a page with 10 linkes, one of them is broken. It’s then difficult from the report to see which one.

My suggestion is to also show the link name in the report.

#152197 Aug 19, 2016 10:02
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    +1 Will definitely help and should be fairly quick to implement

    #152198 Aug 19, 2016 10:40
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    Another improvement to the link status report would be to display in what language branch the broken link is in to simplify for editors, the actual language branch ID already exists in the database so why not display it as well?

    For instance I have a customer who handles three different english sites where the Page Name is identical but the content differs and there are two different editors who constantly end up in the long language branch when handling broken links..

    #155149 Sep 09, 2016 13:17