Interval in "The job will permanently delete content older than 30 days from trash." in "Automatic Emptying of Trash" should be configurable

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Shorter interval is needed when the website has lots of content changes (ex. Intranet). Then, recycle bin gets full quickly and can't be delete manually due to a timeout nor through a scheduled job, due to the long interval.

When I disassembled the code, I saw that it has a const: DateTime.Now.AddDays(-30.0) in EmptyWastebasketJob. Could you make the number of days configurable?

(As a workaround, I made my own scheduled job doing exactly the same as the built-in one except reading from AppSettings).



#171661 Nov 14, 2016 16:29
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    Seems reasonable enough :) will see if we can include that in a minor release.


    #172231 Nov 28, 2016 13:49