REQUEST: EPiServer Silent Install


Would it be possible to enable a "silent install" option when installing the CMS to the local machine? Silent install is about running the installer, without the need for user interaction (next-next-finish).

By specifying install arguments from a command line, creating a fully automated development environment for EPiServer development using Vagrant (or similar) will be possible.

Maybe something like this?

EPiServerDeploymentCenter-Install CMS -InstallArguments "/Features:'CMO' /licence-file-path:c:\my-path\license.config"

For inspiration, browse to the Chocolatey site, and installation of Visual Studio:

Nov 13, 2014 10:11
<p>Hi,</p> <p>Firstly, EPiServer uses Powershell for installing website, and we fully support silent installs. Internally we used silent install for our daily site and it's quite easy to do so. Take a look at deployment .ps1 files and you can have an idea of how to do it silently.</p> <p>Secondly we now switched to Nuget update model so I would not expect any updates to Deployment Center in the future.</p> <p>Regards.</p> <p>/Q</p>
Nov 13, 2014 10:55
<p>Stunds great! I was thinking about the installation of the CMS itself and not a site (sorry for the confusion). Because I guess one would need to run the setup.exe on the machine and not only the site NuGet dlls?</p>
Nov 13, 2014 11:52
<p>For the setup.exe and .msi, yes, we support silent install of that. IIRC then if you run setup.exe with /silent option it will install msi files by default, silently.</p> <p>/Q</p>
Nov 13, 2014 12:26
<p>That is good news! Is there any docs about this (options etc.)?</p> <p></p>
Nov 13, 2014 21:00
<p>It was my bad&nbsp;to state that our setup.exe to support the /silent option. Looking at the code now and it seems to only support the /u option for uninstalling.</p> <p>But you can still call msiexec on msi files to install them silently. For example this is what we did via powershell (you can use only cmd if you want:</p> <p>function ExecProc([string]$cmd, [string]$param = "", [string]$errorMessage = "Error executing command: Exe=" + $cmd + " Params=" + $param) <br />{ <br /> $p = [Diagnostics.Process]::Start($cmd,$param)<br /> $p.WaitForExit()<br /> if ($p.ExitCode -ne 0) <br /> {<br /> throw $errorMessage <br /> }<br />}</p> <p>Write-Host "Installing EPiServer.Framework.msi"<br />ExecProc "msiexec" '/i "C:\Deployment\Package\EPiServer.Framework.msi" /log "C:\Deployment\Package\EPiServer.Framework-CMS.log" /passive'</p> <p>#other msi</p> <p>You got the idea.</p> <p>Regards.</p> <p>/Q</p> <p></p> <p></p>
Nov 14, 2014 9:19
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