Contact search breaks after upgrading to Commerce 12.17.2


I upgraded a website to 12.17.2, when I tried to search the contacts via the Customer Management portal I get a JavaScript error. It bascially mentions that the field is not present in the cls_contact table. I think this has got something to do with the way the contacts are being fetched for search, it is only referring to the cls_contact table and all other extension table properties are having the same issue. I had the same exact issue for an earlier project as well, but since it was a new project I was able to create fields and not select the option to show these fields in the contact search page.

Screen shot for reference

Also, I was able to replicate this error on Quicksilver 12.17.2 as well. I created many new metafields on the contact class and I started to get the same error for Test25 metafield since it is present in the cls_contact_Ex0 table.

Here is a screen cast

Edited, Jul 10, 2019 18:17