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Hello All

Commerce Version 5.15

CMS 8.51

I would greatly appreciate your input. I am fairly new to Episerver (finding it pretty amazing btw) and I have been tasked with implmenting a 5% price increase across the board, all prices. I have heard a few different suggestions but I am trying decide on a failry safe and expedient course of action. 

Your input is greatly welcomed.

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    Sorry for wasting time this was seems to be a non-issue. I ran the dev console and found a call to GetProductPrices the was giving a faulty reponse because the QA license is expired. The response is given afteer the banner text. 

    <div style="z-index: 30000; text-align: left; color: black; font-size: 0.8em; background-color: #e3e1dd; font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; position: absolute; left: 30%; top: 30%; padding: .5em; width: 40em; border: .1em solid #575757; height: auto;"><div>There is a license error on this site:<div style="margin: 0.5em 0em; border:solid 1px #575757; background-color:#FFD053; padding-left: 1.0em;">License has expired</div>The Web site remains functional, but this message will be displayed until the license error has been corrected.<br /><br />To correct this error:<ul><li>Ensure that you have a valid license file for the site configuration.</li><li>Store the license file in the application directory.</li></ul>If you do not have a license file, please request one from <a href="">EPiServer License Center</a>.</div></div>

    {"Price":3.62,"ExtendedPrice":7.24,"PriceFormatted":"$3.62","ExtendedPriceFormatted":"$7.24","PricingGroups":[],"ResponseSuccess":true,"ResponseMessage":"--> Price was retrieved successfully","ValidationErrors":[],"ErrorCode":0,"ResponseMessageType":0}

    #181401 Aug 17, 2017 21:21
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