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Hello All

Commerce Version 5.15

CMS 8.51

I would greatly appreciate your input. I am fairly new to Episerver (finding it pretty amazing btw) and I have been tasked with implmenting a 5% price increase across the board, all prices. I have heard a few different suggestions but I am trying decide on a failry safe and expedient course of action. 

Your input is greatly welcomed.

#180971 Aug 03, 2017 21:58
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                    else if (child is NodeContent)

    Should be 

    else if (child is Node Content || child is CatalogContent)

    because children of RootContent are CatalogContent. I'll update the code in the blogpost

    P/S: Thanks for your purchase :)

    #181200 Aug 12, 2017 21:31
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    Thanks you have been a huge help.

    #181287 Aug 15, 2017 20:11
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    Is there a good reason why the price entries would be updating multiple times. I see 4 updates against the pricevalue. It seems to me that the product is being updaed in a recursive manner. After which the actual child entries are being updated again. 

    #181288 Aug 15, 2017 21:29
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    No It should not work that way. Are you using SQL Profiler to profile the queries? What are the parameters?

    #181290 Aug 15, 2017 22:28
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    I jsut checked again and the prices look correct CMS but when I change the quantity it does not update the total, istead the List Price and Total fields are blank

    Quantity of 1

    List Price: $0.66
    Total: $0.66
    Quantity of more than 1
    List Price:
    #181304 Aug 15, 2017 23:23
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    Not sure which total are you talking about. If the prices looks correct in Catalog UI (the readonly price view) then it should work ...

    #181308 Aug 15, 2017 23:28
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    Check out the link. Essentially the Global Increase code worked, the pricess look good but when I browse and try to change the qty on the orderform, both prices go blank. It seesm like either a caching issue or some logig that deals with Quantity discounts. I am almost there I thnk Quan.

    Quantity Calculation after Update

    #181311 Aug 16, 2017 2:44
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    Can you post the prices here? Is there a price for quantity 2? 

    #181336 Aug 16, 2017 14:15
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    Thanks Quan

    The link to the pdf is below, I updated it and added the Quantity Pricing area. The price displays correctly when the quantity is 1 but anything else causes the List: and Total: to go blank. I feel as though the system is calculating based on quantity blocks (1-249, 250-1000, etc...). I also noticed that the prices in the Quantity Pricing are below the item have not been updated. I wonder is this cached somewhere or did the update program miss these items. 

    Global Price Update-Correct price with QTY of 1.pdf

    #181348 Aug 16, 2017 16:00
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    By "prices" I meant the price in Catalog UI, something like this

    There is no "block", but price is selected by the min quantity value. So if the price has min quantity = 2 then it will be selected when the item quantity = 3, but not when item quantity =1 

    #181382 Aug 17, 2017 13:28
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