Event for Price becoming Valid/Invalid?

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We're using Find and are indexing prices for custom faceting/display. We're currently triggering a reindex when a price gets updated, but they have begun using the valid from / valid until properties more often and want to make sure the index is as up to date as possible at all times. Are there any events that trigger when a price becomes valid/invalid?

We are using Commerce, CMS, Find

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    Hi Michael,

    To my knowledge there is no such event, just like there is no such event when content expires. Instead you probably want to index the valid from / until dates together with the price. 


    #181714 Aug 29, 2017 8:18
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    Tobias is correct, there is no such event. And it would be quite challenging doing so - figuring out which prices are obsolete can be very tricky. 

    There might be a smart (read, hacky) way to do, but how much do you want it?

    #181732 Aug 29, 2017 9:37
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    Thanks Tobias and Quan.

    I figured my best option is to index it, I was just hoping to do as little server side processing as possible and assume the Find index is correct.

    Thanks again.

    #181765 Aug 29, 2017 16:12
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    This might be a way to solve it 

    #181851 Aug 31, 2017 17:23
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    Thanks for that. I believe we are going this route since indexing the dates with prices still leaves invalid data for the facets and the faceted results.

    #181853 Aug 31, 2017 17:41