Customer Group and enable possible items to buy

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Hi all,

Version 10.4 and legacy promo system

I have demand for enabling so that some customer group can buy 10 item and other only 3.

How would you solve it? what is best practice?


if customergroup=="internal" then can buy max 10, else max 3. On Product or SKU.

#177476 Apr 12, 2017 14:45
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    Hi Luc,

    You're able to do that by customizing your workflow - specific in CheckInventoryActivity.

    Refer to this document for more information:

    And the workflow package is available here:

    #177650 Apr 15, 2017 13:40
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    Thanks Son Do,

    I get it, then Episerver Commerce don't have any standard way to do that.

    I would rather see a field on the PriceDetail where you can specify a maximum amount, and then display that on the productpage "restricted to 3 items" (and dropdown with max items)

    On the PriceDetail view in latest 10.5 you have min.quantity, (For example, if MinQuantity = 4 then customer must by at least 4 to get the UnitPrice) can i add a max quantity? (probably not)

    How would you solve it to make it Variation and group specific?

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    I don't remember the legacy system too well, fortunately :), but you can create campaigns for customer segments (which also can contain customer groups).

    So you would create seperate campaigns for the customergroups / segment, with the promotions. One Max 10, the other Max 3.

    #177848 Apr 20, 2017 14:15