How to refund in the Commerce Manager?

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In our project, we have Authorize.NET payment provider which is configured to process a payment as "Sale". After the user makes an order, the customer should be able to cancel an order and refund. But when canceling an order it doesn't do any refund operations.

I found in the documentation that it is possible to create a return for completed order but there is no way to create a refund for canceled order.

Is there any other way how to make "refund" for canceled order?

#174704 Feb 02, 2017 14:38
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    If I remember correctly, then the Cancel button will trigger the refund when the payment(s) are processed. Payment methods will be called with Credit type so they know they should refund.

    The reason for that was because in case of canceled orders, the full amount should be refunded, unlike in cases of return (there might be partial return).

    I'll have to check for sure, but that's from my memory.

    #174948 Feb 08, 2017 13:24
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    That's what it should do but I tried multiple times and it did not. Nothing happens.

    #174949 Feb 08, 2017 13:35
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    I did check with our QAs and they confirmed that in Commerce Manager, when you cancel an order the payment will not be automatically refunded - you will have to do it manually in the payment gateway.

    Yes that sounds a little weird but it has been that way since long ago. We will unlikely to change the default behavior, as it involves new development in Commerce Manager. But you can of course listen to the order events and act accordingly. 

    #175330 Feb 16, 2017 13:15
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    Ok, thanks for the info!

    #175331 Feb 16, 2017 13:16