Access the PromotionEngineSettings from Evaluate

Joel Yourstone
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Hi all!

When we profiled parts of our site we noticed that the CollectionTargetEvaluator.GetApplicableCodes is pretty expensive. Therefore we want to wait with running it until we have to in the Evaluate method for a discount. However, some of our logic depends on GetApplicableCodes, depending on which RequestFulfillmentStatus is set in the PromotionEngineSettings. So we would greatly benefit from accessing 


within our Evaluate method. In our implementation, in the case that PartiallyFulfilled is requested, we need to run GetApplicableCodes, but 90% of the time we are only interested in Fulfilled only statuses.

So my question is: How can I access the promotionEngineSettings within the Evaluate method? Feels reasonable that it should be accessable from there, to be able to make the most performance efficient evaluations as possible. Maybe in PromotionProcessorContext?

Joel Yourstone

#175724 Feb 28, 2017 14:10