Excluding specific items from some promotions



Is there a way to exclude some items from some discounts? For example, if you choose a whole catalog but wan't to exclude some items from that discount, but that item could ofcourse be in another discount.


Commerce: 11.4.0

CMS: 10.10.4


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    Short answer: no

    Long answer: still no :D


    #185916 Dec 06, 2017 13:04
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    Please share if you make a working implementation of it and it works well though :) I'm sure more people would be interested in it

    #185917 Dec 06, 2017 13:05
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    Short answer: yes

    Long answer: not supported out of the box by the framework (probably some point in the future), but can be implemented quite easily yourself.

    #185921 Dec 06, 2017 13:43
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    I disagree with your 'yes', seeing as the resolution would be to make all the built in promotions custom and implement a custom processor for them. But maybe you had something else in mind? 

    #185923 Dec 06, 2017 14:04
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    The question is "Is there a way" :)

    Episerver Commerce is about extending and customization.

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    Haha fair enough! :)

    #185928 Dec 06, 2017 16:14
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    And to be fair building custom promotion data and processors aren't that much of an ordeal.

    Not like we have to write our own promotion engine. wink

    #185961 Dec 07, 2017 14:20