Attempted to divide by zero CalculateDiscountsActivity

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After upgrading from Commerce 8.15 to 9.8.1

I do get "Attempted to divide by zero" error on CartPrepair and CartCheckOutWorkflow (ApplyItemDiscount in CalculateDiscountsActivity), The error is when i have a promo 100% of order value. 

This is suppose to be fixed in version 8.2 and it seems that i don't have this problem in version 8.15.

Any work around or configuration that i'm missing?

Should i implement my own CalculateDiscountsActivity?

MetaInfo: Some product skus may not have any price at all


#144903 Feb 22, 2016 14:29
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    It's unsual to have SKUs without price. I think the problem comes from this (ApplyItemDiscount in CalculateDiscountsActivity):

    // Calculate percentage off discount price
    if (totalAmount > 0)
        percentageOffTotal = record.PromotionReward.AmountOff / totalAmount;
        // but since CostPerEntry is not an adjusted price, we need to take into account additional discounts already applied
        percentageOffTotal = percentageOffTotal * (totalAmount / record.AffectedEntriesSet.TotalCost);
        percentageOffTotal = 100m;
    discountAmount = record.PromotionReward.AmountOff;

    In your certain cases record.AffectedEntriesSet.TotalCost can be 0 and cause the problem.

    You don't have to implement your own CalculateDiscountsActivity, just download the source code package, build it, debug and the fix it.



    #144915 Feb 22, 2016 16:18
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    Allright, i integrated Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow into our solution and made some customization. I guess i need to be awaik if Episerver updates this package then...  

    #145092 Feb 24, 2016 14:49