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Joel Yourstone
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Hi all!

While working with the new promotion system on our Epi Commerce 9.24 site we encountered a request from our client that we didn't really know how to solve in a good way. 

How do I add a banner for each specific language?

As far as I know, the promotion system is just IContent just like variants/producs/etc, so they should be saved by language (?). However in the UI for marketing on a discount level there is no option to select language. 

Even if I add a 

public virtual string ConditionDescription { get; set; }

nothing will change. It still seems to save for all cultures/languages.

How it is intended to work with multicultural discounts?

(Possible) solutions:

  1. Bad in my opinion. Have a culture specific campaign structure. You can create a market-only-campaign and add all discounts you want to that market beneath it. I don't like this at all, it means a lot of extra effort by the content creators and duplicated content everywhere. If the client only wants to have a culture specific banner icon, this will become a headache.
  2. ?

Greatful for any replies!

Joel Yourstone

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  • Quan Mai
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    This is a valid feature request. I have no workaround - unfortunenately - but we will discuss about this within the team and will get back to you.



    #173336 Dec 21, 2016 9:43