Routing and localisation problem

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Upgrade from Commerce 5.2 to 8.15

I found out that sometime our entry routing is not working when changing language.

We only have entries in English, but the site is in several languages, when changing language, sometimes the entry routing is not found.

We want it to default route to the english entry.

Sure when i remove the language sql in ecf_CatalogEntry_UriLanguage it works, but thats not the right way.

We do have strictLanguageRouting=false

Are we alway suppose to always call /en/myprod.aspx (seems to work) instead of /myprod.aspx?

Is it possible to configure?

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    (if this answers)


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    You might need to create your own implementation of HierarchicalCatalogPartialRouter, and overwrite this method

     public virtual PartialRouteData GetPartialVirtualPath(CatalogContentBase content, string language, RouteValueDictionary routeValues, RequestContext requestContext)

    For the case EnableOutgoingSeoUri, you can remove the language from the routeValues.

    if (EnableOutgoingSeoUri && requestContext.GetContextMode() == ContextMode.Default)
    // Getting SEO data inside this if because there is a performance cost involved with
    // executing the property getter of the content proxy.
    string seoUri = null;
    var searchEngineInfo = content as ISearchEngineInformation;
    if (searchEngineInfo != null)
    seoUri = searchEngineInfo.SeoUri;
    if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(seoUri))
    // For SEO Uri the node and language segments are excluded, remove them
    return new PartialRouteData { BasePathRoot = ContentReference.StartPage, PartialVirtualPath = seoUri };

    And then register your class instead of using CatalogRouteHelper

    BTW, I'm happy to see one (more) customer has gone all the way to upgrade to latest version, which I can never recommend enough. Well done!



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