How frequent do you update your EPiServer Commerce solution?

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Hi all,

We switched to continous releases recently to get shorter time-to-market of features and more direct feedbacks from partners.

I want to ask on how you update nuget with your EPiServer Commerce site? Do you keep on latest versions or you want to stay with 7.5?

Please follow below link and choose your answer.

Thank you for your co-opration.


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    Nice! Looking forward to results :).

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    1 vote so far :)

    Gotta say that my answer is regarding dev/test as our site is not live yet. I guess things change when we're talking production env. On a live site I don't think we would update unless critical bugs have been fixed. Of course when we do another major release we will of course base it on the latest. An upgrade in production will require some substantial regression testing...

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    Thank you.

    Please spend some minutes to explain your decisions, for example why you stay with 7.5. We want to hear all the reasons with the hope we can improve.



    #90954 Sep 23, 2014 1:56