Unexpected character


Hi everyone

When I want to create a product or a catalog in commerce manager I get this error.
"Unexpected character <"

Where does she?
thank you for your help

#65484 Jan 30, 2013 16:29

    nobody can answere to my question ?

    Please !

    #65516 Jan 31, 2013 11:04

    Do you have a valid license for both CMS and Commerce?

    Commerce calls the CMS page whenever a product/node is created to clear the CMS´cache. To do that it uses a web service, check your web.config for Commerce Manager and you'll see a service end point has been defined that points to your CMS site. 

    I think you are getting back the invalid license prompt when doing that web service call, i.e. not the response it is expecting.

    #65524 Jan 31, 2013 13:29

    I have a valid licence for Commerce.

     But sometimes i don't have this error.

    This error is also Example of EpiServer

    Thanks your for your answer !

    #65525 Edited, Jan 31, 2013 13:57

    The error comes from a invalid license of CMS. Do you have a valid license for CMS?

    #65527 Jan 31, 2013 14:50

    For this moment no, because i learn to use EPIServer Commerce, but after yes.

    But if it's a licence, why it works sometimes ?


    Thank you

    #65528 Jan 31, 2013 14:54

    The license error box doe not show everytime, just most of the times. Why? I don't know :)

    #65529 Jan 31, 2013 14:55

    Ok, thus it's a licence, good news.

    Thank you for you help !

    #65530 Jan 31, 2013 14:57