"Order is editing by another user"

Shaan S
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Hi Friends,

While editing order, I have recieved following error message. "The Order is editing by another user". There is another button to "Unlock" Order.

How can I find such orders in database and unlock them?

Any help will be appreciated.



#64605 Jan 04, 2013 11:19
  • Shaan S
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    EpiServer has suggested that these locks are acquired when someone is editing order and it will be automatically removed when editing is done.

    These orders can be unlocked by administrator account. Please note that performing this operation will not save the changes made by other user.


    This can also be done through database, but this is not suggested route.

    We can use the mc_OrderGroupLockDelete stored procedure. That procedure wants a OrderLockId which you can get from the OrderGroupLock table. Use OrderForm table to get OrderGroupId.


    -- DELETE LOCKS ON ORDER. @OrderLockId Can be get from OrderGroupLock  table

    EXEC [mc_OrderGroupLockDelete] '@OrderLockId'


    -- GET OrderLockId

    SELECT OrderLockId, OrderGroupId FROM OrderGroupLock  WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE OrderGroupId = @YourOrderNumber

    #64732 Jan 08, 2013 13:32
  • Johan Book
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    ...or you can handle locks through OrderGroupLockManager, which makes life a little bit easier =)

    #89834 Aug 27, 2014 11:06