Visitor group "hole world except USA"

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How do i do a visitor group "hole world except USA"?

What i want to do is to either show a page or show another page if not that visitor group. I don´t have "not" in the visitor group criterias, then it would be easy.

#61770 Oct 01, 2012 16:21
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    You can achive this by using the Visitor Groups > Visitor Group Membership criterion. 

    1. Create a visitor group for identifying the US visitors (using the Time and Place > Geographic location criteria)

    2. Create another visitor group and use the Visitor Groups > Visitor Group Membership criteria. Make the setting 'not member of' and select the group.

    #61777 Oct 01, 2012 17:57
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    Or create a visitor group for US and then use fallback content for all others.

    #61779 Oct 01, 2012 19:28
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