Upgrade of enterprise environment

Hans Kindberg
Member since: 2003

We have the following environment:

All share the same database. I want to upgrade from 5.2.375.133 to "R2 SP2 Release Candidate". In a single environment you just do "Upgrade site with SQL Server database". This would be the case for one of the servers. But the two others I want to upgrade without a database upgrade, or can I do the same upgrade for them without "craching" the upgrade?

Hope you understand what I mean.


Jun 12, 2009 13:36
Per Bjurström
Member since: 1999

You should be able to do that, the upgrade detects an already upgraded database and skips that phase of the installation.


Jun 12, 2009 15:37
Hans Kindberg
Member since: 2003

Thank you very much Per

I really like development with EPiServer, great product.

Regards Hans

Jun 12, 2009 20:34