[Feature request] New method in IContentRepository: GetDescendants

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I find myself quite often implementing content respositories where I fetch content of a certain type from a specific root. Then I cache the result (the references) and handling the cache invalidating manually when new content of that type under that root is created, deleted, moved and so on.

It would be cool if this was a standard functionality in IContentRepository, e.g.:

GetDescendants<T>(ContentReference contentLink)

And the method would only return content of the specified type, i.e. not throw an exception if there are other types under that root.


Btw GetDescendents is misspelled in the API.

#76609 Oct 29, 2013 18:24
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    +1 on this request. That would be nice to have it return only given type

    #81405 Feb 17, 2014 9:36