Find UI not working with CMS.UI refresh


I've tried to install the latest EPI Commerce / CMS and Find packages. However I run into the issue that the EPI Find Admin screens in the back-end are not working anymore after the UI refresh. It throws several Dojo JavaScript errors. Is this 1. a known issue and if so 2. when is a new version expected with support for the refreshed UI?

Exact versions used of packages (related to UI):

  • Commerce.UI: 13.7.0
  • CMS.UI: 11.21.5
  • Find: 13.2.3
  • Find.CMS: 13.2.3
  • Find.Commerce: 11.1.1
Edited, Sep 11, 2019 15:46


Try to update system.web,system.web.http packages to latest version.

Sep 12, 2019 18:37

@Karyan, both are running on the latest version. Will check again with a non demo license as that license is also giving some trouble.

Sep 16, 2019 8:10