Find performance issues and IndexingQueueReference Store in tblBigTable

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Hey Experts, 

FIND version 12.1.0, CMS 9.12

Just had some performance issues on saving, creating, moving, deleting IContent. 

The problem was 50 000 rows in DDS store IndexingQueueReference. Some kind of queue to FIND indexing.

By deleting all items all worked fine again. 


Anyone with insight can explain how FIND uses this Store? 
Any idea why this queue was stoped and just growing? 

In later version i understand it it using a new table tblFindIndexQueue, probably to boost performance...? 

Many Thanks to you who can enlight me =)

#173752 Jan 08, 2017 19:09
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    Guess they want to first store what should be indexed and then try to call external service to update index. Makes sense to avoid data getting lost because of failing connection, performance etc...

    #173760 Jan 09, 2017 10:03
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    I'm not an expert on Find but IIRC then this is vastly improved in later Find version (12.3.0) - so you should upgrade ASAP.

    #173774 Jan 09, 2017 14:48