[BUG] OriginalObjectGetter is missing for WebContent

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OriginalObjectGetter is missing for WebContent. Is this by-design? This means we can't do following:

private static WebContent GetWebContent(UnifiedSearchHit hit)
    if (hit.OriginalObjectGetter != null)
        var original = hit.OriginalObjectGetter.Invoke();

        if (original is WebContent)
            return (WebContent)original;

    return null;
#150369 Edited, Jun 16, 2016 17:49
  • Hi Johan,

       Did you manage to overcome or arrive at a solution when OriginalObjectGetter is null. I am trying to do similar thing to get web content from search, but fails because my OriginalObjectGetter is null.



    #186696 Jan 02, 2018 14:30