Best way to index multiple attachments?

Fredrik Schultz
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To index a single attachment together with a page by adding a property of the Attachment type to the page model - like this - works well:

But how to handle multiple attachments when they are dynamic in numbers?

(The reason for this question is to get a search hit on a page also from the contents of the files in a LinkItemCollection.)

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  • Kristoffer Olsson
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    All right.
    I know that this question is very old. (relativelly speaking) 
    But I just had this problem and could not find any solutions to it while searching. Creating a IEnumerable<Attachment> is out of the picture so something else had to be done.

    The solution that I came up with is not the most straight forward one. But it's a solution that fits my immediate needs.

    What I finally settled on was to create a "In memory ziparchive" and attach all my documents to that zipfile. Once all documents where added to the "virtual zipfile" I attached the Zipfile 

    pretty much like this 

    page.Attachments = new Attachment(() => ZipFileStream)

    The reason for creating a Zip file and not just simply stream all the files into a single MemoryStream is because that only works for plain text files. So I had to go down the route of a in memory zip archive

    Following is a Rough implementation of the solution that I propose and is basically what we ended up using

    private void ContentEvents_PublishedContent(object sender, EPiServer.ContentEventArgs e)
                if (e.Content is PageWithMultipleDocuments page)
                    var paths = new List<string>() {@"F:\randomplaintext.txt", @"F:\randomplaintext2.txt", @"F:\randompdf2.pdf" };
                    var zipFile = GetZipedAttachments(paths);
                    page.Attachments = new Attachment(() => zipFile);
            private Stream GetZipedAttachments(List<string> paths)
                if (paths.Any(File.Exists))
                    var outFile = new MemoryStream();
                    var zipArchive = new ZipArchive(outFile, ZipArchiveMode.Create, false);
                    foreach (var path in paths.Where(File.Exists))
                        var entry = zipArchive.CreateEntry(path, CompressionLevel.Fastest);
                        using (var entryStream = entry.Open())
                            var fileBytes = File.ReadAllBytes(path);
                            entryStream.Write(fileBytes, 0, fileBytes.Length);
                    outFile.Position = 0;
                    return outFile;
                return null;

    Yes, I am aware that zipFile might be null and maybe a Null Check would be in order.

    Instead of using a published event listener as exemplified in the example above. This is a better way to handle it:

                    .IncludeField(x => GetAttachments(x));
    // GetAttachments basically returns new Attachment(() => zipFile)

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  • Fredrik Schultz
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    Interesting solution, thanks for sharing!

    #188688 Mar 01, 2018 8:45