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Find On-Premises version compatibility

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I'm wondering where do I find information about what is version compatibility matrix for server (on-premises) and client libraries? Seems like I can't find much info around.

What we have is customer running EPiServer Find v7 on on-premises and v7.5.450.89 on client side and CMS v7.7. We are planning to upgrade to latest CMS v8.x together with latest Find client libraries.

What are our options regarding Find server? Do we need to reinstall it, or is v7 compatible with latest client libraries?

#123178 Jun 26, 2015 0:06


    To upgrade to Find >=v8 you also need to update your on-premise solution to VA (virtual appliance). Please contact your sales representative for how to do that.

    The compatability matrix are:

    on-premise  => Find < v8.x
    VA => Find >= 8.x


    #123182 Jun 26, 2015 8:17