Filter hits based on children

Mattias Högnäs
Member since: 2002

I wonder if there is a good practice in Truffler/Find to do do a filter based on children to the pages that are hits?

For example: I want to search for all pages of a certain pagetype but I neeed to filter out the ones that has childrens of a certain type or has a certain property - it doesn't need to be realtime so the request can be to the index not the db.

Currently I am just asking for a maximum resultset and filter it out after the GetResult() but that is way to performance heavy since I need to ask for 1000 results (Or even do more requests since the max is 1000), do a filtering on my own and then prestent just the 10 first hits (It's a paged resultset).

#65966 Feb 15, 2013 22:32