Episerver on .net 4.7 framework

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Are there any information about running epi on .net 4.7 for the latest version of CMS?

#179652 Jun 19, 2017 11:15
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    Would like to know as well. We're trying it now in a new project. We are having some trouble with Structuremap. It says .Container is depricated and we should use .StructureMap(). This method needs a new version of Structuremap but this is not supported by Episerver so it seems.

    Not quite sure if this is related to us using .NET 4.7 however. Just want to know if there are others with this issue while using 4.7.

    #179667 Jun 19, 2017 16:02
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    Hi Eric,

    I didn't experience any issues after upgrade to .net 4.7

    #179671 Jun 19, 2017 20:29
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    I have not experienced any problem so far either but it would be great if we could have an system req update or something telling it support this version. Some customers or their hosting require these "official" documentation sadly :)

    #179676 Jun 19, 2017 21:29
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    We are expereiencing as slow down on performance after upgrading. The same shopping cart page used to take .5 seconds to load and now it is like 4 seconds. 

    Wondering if there is any caching issue with this version? 



    #180711 Jul 21, 2017 21:03
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    Syed,  Is your problem related to upgrading to .NET 4.7, or to a new Commerce version?  If Commerce, to which version did you recently upgrade?

    #180713 Jul 21, 2017 21:15
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    Lindy. that you should use .StructureMap() have nothing to do with .NET 4.7 or a newever version of StructureMap. The .StructureMap() is an extension to ServiceConfigurationContext that episerver have made in the Episerver.Framework lib.

    So when you inherit from IConfigurableModule and in the ConfigureContainer function, you should use

    context.StructureMap().Configure(c =>

    instead of 

    context.Container.Configure(c =>

    #180716 Jul 21, 2017 21:57
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    We are seeing big slowdown in performance the application is swithed to .net framework 4.7. Same EPI Version. 




    #180717 Jul 22, 2017 0:57
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    I believe it has something to do with the new version of Episerver: it required me to update Structuremap but Episerver cannot work with this newer version of Structuremap. It took me some time but after a while I managed to get it working and it didn't say it was depricated anymore. I'm not quite sure how it came to be that it started working again all of a sudden.

    #180732 Jul 24, 2017 9:10
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    Syed, Which version of Commerce are you using?

    #180740 Jul 24, 2017 15:32
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    Hi Bob, 

    We are using 10.10.

    I think the issue is with caching. Microsoft .net 4.7 has some issue with caching  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4035412/fix-expiration-time-issue-when-you-insert-items-by-using-the-cache-ins 

    Working with EPI's support team to see what can be done.

    Thanks, Syed 

    #180741 Jul 24, 2017 16:42
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