Pushing Data into EPi Server DXC


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can send custom user information that is stored in a SQL database that is behind a firewall into EPiServer DXC? I need to create a phone book/org chart as well as use to to drive visitor groups. The information changes frequently so I will need some automated process to be able to send this data up.

My intial thought was to create a scheduled task that will call a REST Api that I will need to create and store the data in DDS. THen when the user authenticates it will look up the information in DDS and enhance their profile. 

My issue right now seems to be the security around the WebApi service that I created in my EPiProject. My instance will be secured using Azure AD and OpenIdConnect. However, this proces will need to be a daemon process that authenticates with either a password or cert.

I have followed the article below to set up the call the the service using ADAL but I keep getting the Azure AD page as the response (asking me to authenticate) even though I seem to have done it before using a key.


Do I need to create the WebApi outside of my EPi project and have a different authentication mechanism for that?  How will that talk to my EPiServer instance.

I am new to Azure and EPi so any help would greatly be appreciated. 



Mar 20, 2017 23:13

I would prefer to set up a IdentityServer4 between Epi site and AAD. Then in there communicate with the SQL db and add claims containing the custom user information. 

API part would be a separate app that would have a client registration in the IdentityServer. 

Nice architecture but of course you might have a hard time convincing customer to host two other separate web apps outside of DXCS. 

Mar 23, 2017 22:32
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