Scheduled jobs not executing

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I have configured the EPiServer scheduler such that the service is running and that jobs execute correctly when run manually.

However, on scheduling a job nothing happens. The job history is not updated and a next exec time is not set.

I have configured debugging correctly as per, however because the job is not running nothing is being written.

And I have followed these instructions,

but again nothing is happening.

Does anyone have any other ideas?


#29369 Apr 22, 2009 19:14
  • mattias.lovstrom
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    Try to start the scheduler service in debug mode and see if you see your site.

    Stop the service from the control panel and then type on the command prompt type:

    cd "%Program Files%\EPiServer\Shared\Services\Scheduler Service"

    EPiServer.SchedulerSvc.exe DEBUG

    (Nice colors)

    List your sites by typing ‘L'

    Is your site there?

    One solution can be to remove the xml file that has the sites in it (if its corrupted)

    move EPiServer.SchedulerService.Sites.xml EPiServer.SchedulerService.Sites.xml_old

    #29382 Apr 23, 2009 18:39
  • ian.causton
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    hi Mattias,

    Thanks for that. It works fine now.

    I found that I had to recreate the xml file as your suggested but also had to add the scheduler httpModule to the web.config, something I was missing for some reason.



    #29527 May 01, 2009 19:50