"Mandatory" methods in custom membership/roleproviders?

Erik Lidälv
Member since: 2007

Hi! I would like to know which methods and properties you must implement from the RoleProvider and MembershipProvider abstract classes if you're building a custom membership/roleprovider and want to be able to use all built-in user/role functionality in EPiServer CMS 5 R2 (create, delete, update user, etc).


Erik Lidälv

#28492 Mar 11, 2009 13:46
  • Per Bjurström
    Member since: 1999

    You have to use the EPiServer.Security.ProviderCapabilities class to let us know which capabilites your provider has:

    ProviderCapabilities.AddProvider(typeof(MyMembershipProvider), new ProviderCapabilitySettings(Action.Create | Action.Delete | Action.Update, "email", "comment"));

    ProviderCapabilities.AddProvider(typeof(MyRoleProvider), new ProviderCapabilitySettings(Action.Create | Action.Delete | Action.Update));


    #28507 Mar 12, 2009 12:21
  • Erik Lidälv
    Member since: 2007

    Hi! Thank you for your replay! The thing is that I haven't made my providers yet, I'm just researching how I will implement them i.e. which methods I must create. I implemented the RoleProvider and MembershipProvider abstract classes letting all methods throwing a NotImplementedException trying to find out which methods that was actually needed to make everthing work in EPiServer edit/admin. I found a whole bunch but it would be great if anyone had made this before and could tell me, cause I'm sure I haven't found them all.. Smile


    #28508 Mar 12, 2009 13:31