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I am new to episerver.I would like to know how can i show a drop down menu when i placed mouse over the Top Menu  items.(show the level 2 child nodes of each node)

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#23594 Sep 10, 2008 14:23

    In the episerver:menulist you can create a new episerver:pagelist in the itemTemplate which has the pagelink set to container.currentpage.pagelink. this will produce all the children under each menu item. you now have to hide/show this pagelist by using javascript on mouse over.

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    -Kjetil Simensen

    #23601 Sep 10, 2008 16:10

    Just thought I would add two nice links for suggestions on creating the menus themselves (css etc)




    #23743 Sep 15, 2008 10:57
  • Suneesh E.S.
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     Can U pls explain how to use MenuList to make a Menu with drop down submenu.

    The following is the menu.ascx code.

    <EPiServer:MenuList runat="server" ID="Menu">
            <ul id="MainMenu">
                <EPiServer:PageList runat="server" ID="PageList1" DataSource="<%#Container.CurrentPage.PageLink %> ">
                            <EPiServer:Property ID="Property1" PropertyName="PageLink" runat="server" />

     The following is Menu.ascx.cs

    protected override void OnLoad(System.EventArgs e)
                Menu.PageLink = PageReference.StartPage;           
                Menu.PageLoader.GetChildrenCallback = new HierarchicalPageLoader.GetChildrenMethod(LoadChildren);

            /// <summary>
            /// Creates the collection for the main menu, adding the startpage
            /// </summary>
            private PageDataCollection LoadChildren(PageReference pageLink)
                PageDataCollection pages = DataFactory.Instance.GetChildren(pageLink);
                pages.Insert(0, DataFactory.Instance.GetPage(pageLink));
                return pages;

            /// <summary>
            /// Gets or sets the MenuList for this control
            /// </summary>
            public MenuList MenuList
                get { return Menu; }
                set { Menu = value; }


    pls help.Thanks in advance.I am getting all the menu items in a single list,Including sub menu

    #30376 Jun 13, 2009 7:53
  • anders.murel
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    You are missing a header and footer template with a <ul> + </ul> in the second listing (episerver:pagelist)
    #30384 Jun 14, 2009 19:01