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I'm trying to get the workflows provided in the SampleWorkflows project to work, specifically SequentialApproval. I've compiled the source code, copied the DLL and PDB to the bin folder, and created a new workflow for class EPiServer.SampleWorkflows.SequentialApproval. However the workflow never fires.

If I set up another workflow, using the SequentialApproval class defined in the EPiServer.WorkflowFoundation DLL, then I have no problem at all.

Has anyone out there got the sample to work properly? If so what am I doing wrong?

#19555 Apr 16, 2008 15:46
    Sorted this now, just needed to make some web.config changes.
    #19577 Apr 18, 2008 13:40
  • steven.pap
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    Hi Ross

    On the point of using the default WF's and the sampleworkflow. why not use the default WFlows?

    Can u advise what group/user structure you put in place to receive notifications based on configured WFlows? e.g if it was mapped on page creation for instance

    I can't seem to find where to configure target group/user assignments?

    These users should surely be created with SQLServerRoleProvider type and have mail addresse assigned.


    #26132 Nov 20, 2008 17:01
  • steven.pap
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    #26133 Nov 20, 2008 17:07