UriSupport.SiteUrl not retrieving correct url

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I have a multi-site instance of EPiServer. One of the siteHosts node in the EPiServer.config will look like this:


<add name="v1.testsite.test.com" />

<add name="www.testsite.com" />


I am outputting the UriSupport.SiteUrl property to help output the SiteURL, obviously :-), however, the value outputted is v1.testsite.test.com, but I want it to be www.testsite.com. How do I ensure this is the case?





#26551 Dec 10, 2008 19:44
  • Lars Bodahl
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    the siteUrl you get from UriSupport.siteUrl is the setting from the <siteSettings ..... /> section. Not the <siteHosts> section

    Lars Øyvind Bodahl 

    #26728 Dec 17, 2008 13:28